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Senior exercises - exercises for the elderly

Kate Jakobsson your personal trainer has 30 years professional experience in the fitness industry as an instructor, presenter and personal trainer. She is passionate about rehabilitation and achieves fast results through applying the body-mind connection as a qualified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Training YOU For Life takes pride in producing and developing high quality visual products to fill a need at affordable prices throughout the world.

They say a pictures paints a thousand words, and I agree! When you SEE how to do something - in this case, exercise - you can make the most of your learning experience because as humans we are high-visual creatures.

Senior exercises - seated workout - exercises for the elderly

Photographer - Elle Clacken - Senior exercises - seated workout - exercises for the elderly
I started this Company because personally I found it challenging to learn from educational CDs - even when someone was just standing still talking to me, whether in a classroom or a DVD.

When I studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming (which is a study of how the mind works), it was explained to me for the first time that 40% of us learn visually, 40% learn kinaesthetically and only 20% is left for learning auditory or by self-talk. But even when they told me that, they still handed me audio programmes! That drove me crazy because it was an exhausting way for me to learn. I need to SEE what Im expected to do, to be shown what to do, so that I can grasp what is being taught.

Time is always precious, so I believe also that it is definitely better to spend time watching rather than first listening, then creating pictures and feeling to the content. All educational projects made by Training YOU For Life make it easy to learn using all your senses, not just sound.

Education never ends and, because of an understanding of how our brains work and modern technology, it is now wonderfully easy to incorporate both in understanding how we learn, which is the only way to change our lives. I have applied my knowledge of NLP to my teaching and noticed immediately that my students learnt quickly and improved very fast.

Training YOU For Life prides itself on its willingness to educate and help in new ways and give friendly service.

Learn who we are, Training You for Life offers exercises for the elderly, senior exercises and seated workout for mature people.

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