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Exercise for the elderly

Activities for elderly and balance exercises for seniors. This proven and effective elderly exercise program will change your lifestyle forever.

If you are thinking that you are too elderly to exercise, then think again. To energize your body and mind you have to exercise. This is a fact! The only way to get more energy is to do more exercises. Start exercising and you will get motivated to do more. Movement increases serotonin in your brain and makes you feel much better.

Activities for elderly - elderly exercise program - balance exercises for seniors - exercises for the elderly - chair pilates for seniors

Exercise to Energize!

This is the best elderly exercise program! Start by moving your legs. That will kickstart your heart and increase your circulation. Circulation improves oxygenation in your blood cells. As you exercise, you naturally need to take bigger breaths. This is an important way for you to eliminate toxins from your body. So whether you consider yourself elderly or not is determined by your lifestyle.

Many researchers have shown that elderly exercise improves health and eliminates stress.

Exercise is an activity that needs physical effort

It is not inevitable to have physical frailty as you age. Age is just a number. Research has proven that whatever age group you are, exercise is the most important component for a good health regime.


  • Sitting down and getting up over and over will strengthen your legs and make you much less likely to fall.

Food and nutrition

After an exercise program you will feel hungry and thirsty.


  • Keep your meals simple. Avoid dairy, refined sugar, wheat, margarine and excess salt.
  • Drink often but just in small sips. Mix the water with your saliva before swallowing and avoid eating and drinking at the same time.
Trust me when I tell you that if you attend 'Let's Sit UP for a Fun Workout' with Kate Jakobsson you are no slouch!

I am a reasonable fit 50-something aged woman who first went along to Kate's Pilates inspired seated workout as a show of support for my 70-something aged mother and I soon found out why she was a committed regular at this jolly class.

The sessions I attended were made up of a loyal group of locals (mainly ladies) whose age group spanned 60-100 years, but whose energy levels and sense of fun were definitely 100%. They were a lively and welcoming group and it was obvious to me that the class was uplifting both physically and mentally.

The pace was surprisingly brisk and a certain amount of mental energy needed to be employed in order to follow the exercise patterns.

The instructions were however, given clearly, easy to follow and repeated with smiling encouragement.

Despite the physical challenge of a very thorough work-out (From eye and facial exercises to sitting, standing and pulling rubber-banding........) we could all work at our own pace and abilities.

Where the exercises involved dance-like moves, we sang along or worked with rhythm of an appropriate piece of music.

It was a most satisfying and inspirational experience and, for my part, kept me returning to attend the class whenever I could in my own right!

I would certainly recommend a "Dose of Kate" what ever your age or ability.

Mrs. Victoria Allison - August 2011

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