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What is PAL / NTSE?
Both are acronyms - PAL standing for Phase Alternate Line and NTSE meaning (Windows) NT Server Enterprise (edition) - for the recording of information. We will automatically match the correct format of DVD with the country that you are buying from, so that you don't need to worry which system you use in your country. However, if you are living in one country and would like to buy the DVDs for a different country, we ask you to send an email with your order number so that you receive the correct format.

What is Pling and Zapp?
Pling refers to the centre core muscle reminding us to start the exercise from within.

Can everyone really do these exercises?
Yes, almost everyone can, to some extent. Generally, we can all do some form of exercise and you need to find what works for you. Remember that you are an individual and do not compare yourself to others. Just be consistent. What is good with this programme is that you can rest assured that your whole body is getting a workout. Even if you only do this exercise once a week, this is a great maintenance programme. Also, a known side benefit is that these exercises help to keep depression at bay.

Some students have special challenges and suffer from Chronic Fatigue Symptom formerly ME), Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Lymphoedema, Fibromyalgia, bad back, neck problems and are recovering from injury, and they all say that this programme is helpful. In fact, a number of students with hip replacement and rehabilitation challenges find these classes helpful because they are gentle, yet so effective. The secret is being guided to do the exercises correctly and regularly.

What is your privacy policy?
We hate Spam! Your information will NEVER be sold or rented and is safe with us.

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