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I feel more coordinated and energised - Sheila Collins

Makes me more flexible and alert - Maria Mansfield

Keeps me mobile - Inez Diacca

Makes me feel younger than my years and it is fun! - Sheila Humpfrey

Exercises my brain - Peggy Chappel

Helps my arthritis very much and it is fun - Stella

Since attending Kate’s classes my knees and back problems have disappeared - Di

My first ever Pilates experience was 8 months ago, in a class taught by Kate. I have rarely missed one of her sessions since and can honestly say they are the highlight of my week! No matter how fed up or stressed one might be when going in, you always leave feeling calmer, more relaxed and taller on the way out! The regulars that attend Kate's classes are of all ages and capabilities so, if you're reading this and wondering whether it's for you, there's no excuse not to give it a go! And it's such a pleasure to be taught by someone with such a sunny disposition and a ready smile - what better antidote to the hassle of everyday life! - Wendy Woods

Kate you are a great inspiration to me, 1. since I joined your class, my confidence has improved. 2. I don’t take any more medication. I am much more relaxed. I feel happy and I am-more friendly person then before. I enjoy my life and happy to be alive. 3. My body balance is now good I can concentrate more and I sleep well at night, like a log. Thank you so much Kate - Anita Braich

As a dancer I always do extreme movements and often overdue and go over my body limits. I like Katie's Pilates inspired workout classes because they help me to put the body on place again. It also helps me with my twisted ankle, which is an old and reoccurring injure I have. Doing Katie's classes make me feel like my body goes to its ideal natural balance. I like that the classes are not exhaustive, they actually feel relaxing to me. I think this is because the classes contain a whole and complete well-designed series of exercises. Also because they are lead with body awareness and make me to know how to direct the way my body needs to exercise and balance itself. - Carla Vendramin

' I began Kate’s Pilates inspired workout in March 2010. Since then I have not looked back, I now feel that I couldn't do without it and my body looks forward to it's weekly workout! I feel taller and better aligned and have noticed that my posture has improved. Kate’s workout always resolves any aches or pains and helps me to feel refreshed, relaxed but above all energised!' 'The workout with Kate has really helped to improve the muscle tone of my body and I feel stronger and more flexible each week. The routine is well planned and I always feel that every bit of my body has had a work out. The class is a very satisfying and energising experience!' - Naomi 31yrs

Kate’s exercise programme helps me to maintain my body strength in order for me to remain mobile. I enjoy the classes and Kate’s enthusiasm is infectious. - William Starr age 62 ¾

I really enjoy my weekly hour doing Kate’s class. It helps my posture and relieves stress and I feel relaxed and energised afterwards. Kate is a very good and patient instructor / teacher. - Hanna

I have been attending these classes with Kate Jakobsson for about a year, and I must say that these classes not only have been good for me for my arthritis, muscles and balance but they have also given me a felling of healthy well being. I found Kate to be an excellent profession teacher that gives hundred per cent to every one of her pupils in every class. I would like to add that, in my experience, people over sixty that to do these exercise classes require less attendance to the GP. - Angeles O’Hare

I have weakness in my legs and feet and results in poor balance. This exercise programme makes my legs feel stronger and suppler, and so enables me to exercise the rest of my body more effectively as well. And these physical benefits make me feel more positive, too, so I always feel better at the end of the class. – Susan Woodward

I have been attending Kate’s Pilates class weekly for a few months now and Kate’s classes are always a joy to attend. I find they have benefited me physically and intellectually. I leave feeling fantastic and highly recommend these classes for all round body maintenance. – Brian Watson

I have been doing Kate’s Pilates class few years now and feel better for it. I only do this once per week with my teacher Kate, she is very good. - Monica

The Exercise Class

By Joyce Smith 81 yrs young

There stands the keep fit teacher
In trim and sporty gear
And here sit I, poor creature
What am I doing here?

Hold tight and strong the pelvic floor
And tummy muscles too
No matter that you're feeling sore
And don't know what to do

She wants you up and moving
As well-oiled athletes do
Each movement now improving
Though muscles are but few

Lift high and wide the expanding chest
And stretch up the arm or leg
You do it to your very best
But not so long, I beg

We are given drinks of water
To help improve the brain
But all my limbs still falter
Whilst 1'm trying to stay sane

I try to keep my shoulders down
And breathe as others do
But it really only makes me frown
And more forgetful too

But I won't be beaten
Each class I will attend
It's either me or teacher
Who'll first go round the bend?

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